i don't like to talk about my equipment. yet here we are. good luck finding your way back.
35 millimeter
real photographers shoot with a canon.

real photographers know it's the lens that matters.
i use the following focal lengths for just about everything i photograph: 20mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm, 300mm and my trusty 70-200 zoom
large format
actually real photographers carry one of these on their backs into the field with a full size studio tripod. great for stability and warding off hungry grizzlies.
toyo g 4x5
toyo g 8x10

all schneider glass, all the time.

well, its dark in the dark room so we're not quite sure what is in there anymore. what we do know is that it smells like vinegar and every now and then someone disappears for long periods of time with no explanation as to how or what they were doing while they were gone.