(third person version)
marc poljak photography was established in 2000. the studio is focused on the areas of landscape, abstract and still life photography. many prints are available for purchase as well as small portfolios in book form. a limited number of commissions are taken each year. marc poljak photography works in both digital and black and white film photography. digital photography is produced on canon 35 millimeter equipment. film photography is produced on 4x5 and 8x10 toyo view cameras with schneider lenses and ilford films and papers. the studio processes all its own negatives and prints a limited amount of work in the dark room. most prints for sale are produced on inkjet printers either from original digital files or scanned negatives. large format prints are exclusively done as contact prints. for more information visit the contact page.

(first person version)
i'm a philadelphia, pennsylvania-based photographer whose main areas of interest are landscape, abstract, and still life photography. bourbon, italian cuisine from the tuscany region, and my wife amy and daughter beatrice are other great interests of mine. also of interest are the ongoing activities of basement cat and attic cat. you can learn more about them here. when not taking photographs or traveling i can generally be found working around the house on various projects and tending to lands of the estate. i also do a lot of cooking. i'm quite good at it.

(second person version)
you must be joking.

marc poljak photography paris france eifel tower
paris, france
marc poljak photography vernazza italy cinque terre
vernazza, italy
marc poljak photography martini glass
martini glass
marc poljak photography divided mind saw brain
divided mind
marc poljak photography berlin reichstag dome
reichstag, berlin