florence 2013

and the aggroturismo - il crocchicio. that last one, you really need to emphasize the syllables when you say it. say it with some verve, some emph-a-sis, some gusto. for the most part, i'm gonna let the images speak for themselves here. what else could i possibly add about florence that would be of any consequence, or justice.

panoramic shot of the duomo and baptistry in the center of florence
someday i'd like to ride my bicycle around florence and the tuscan countryside. that would be bees knees.
green and white marble. it's pretty striking. much bigger in person. hard to get a sense of the scale. there's a decent shot of the dome of duomo from the top of the uffizi gallery that shows it from a different angle. first domed structured built in like 1500 years after the romans called it quits. amazing. some day i hope to become a stone mason.
bell tower and dome. not much else to say really.
outside of florence, in the tuscan country side lies il crocicchio. you can read more above. pretty cool place. great place to relax. quiet. not far from florence, maybe 45 minutes by car. i'd recommend it.
front of the main building of il crociccho. there's a quaint little bar inside. the whole place is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. i dare to you to pluck an olive off the tree and eat it raw.
so additional happenings at the villa. read more above.
the sun is always smiling on il crocicchio. and tuscany. it will smile on too if you visit. trust me. i've been there. i don't lie about such things.