landscape photographs

who doesn't like a good piece of scenery on which to chew? i know i sure do. i've a fondness for water, and national parks, and trees. and lots of other things too. below you'll find a small selection of landscape and nature photographs that marc poljak photography has taken over the years. most of what you see is for sale in some fashion.

most everything i photograph is in black and white. this is for several reasons. one of which is that i'm color blind. there are three types of color blindness. i have two of the three. missed the trifecta by that much. incidentally, a good friend of mine thinks i've been faking color blindness over the year's to get out of attending press checks for projects. i'd like to think that was true, but in all honesty, it's not. as i tell people, i do know what some colors are and can distinguish between some. just not all of them. and a lot depends on the lighting conditions. if anyone has seen my shirt/tie combinations, they'll understand immediately. another reason is i just don't understand color. it insists upon itself. it gets in the way. the easiest thing to do with things that get in your way is to ignore them.

a friend of mine once said things in black and white look more like themselves. maybe. i don't know if i'm convinced of that. the philosopher in me (yes, my undergrad degree is in philosophy from the university of pittsburgh) is still debating that statement on logical, metaphysical, and epistemological grounds.
i call this the right side navigation. look, i'm not a web developer or designer. i do what it can with my limited abilities. below are links to some landscape sub pages that you may enjoy

squw run reflections
maple leaf
yosemite 2010
yellowstone 2002