munich 2013

oktoberfest is the best fest in the west

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this is what happens when beer is served in mugs you can swim laps in. not that there is anything wrong with that. that is not me by the way. i have much nicer legs. incidentally, i limit myself to no more than drei mas per nacht per oktoberfest. what's a mas? look it up. it's famous!
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munich: more than just beer

my only regret about the visit to munich was that i
never found out what this erotik mess was all about. see photo to the left. how bad could it be. it’s on the kultur kiosk. a few things not photographed worth mentioning: a visit to nymphenburg palace; oxburgers at the sunday
market near karlsplatz; oktoberfest and its billions of people-of which i have no photographs of the grounds since we went at night; and the weird cruise ship like shower apparatus in our hotel room. munich is a laid
back city and it drips with old world charm. i’d like to go back some day and just spend a couple of weeks getting into its groove. and check out the erotik mess.
munich: more than just beer continued

some other sights from around town. amy enjoys a large cookie. it looked better than it tasted.

the exit sign in the subway seems to be a man running away from some canoes.

lots of old buildings.

and of course some gratuitous nightclub signage. if you can read german, it's easy to figure out. if not, you're out of luck if you want to go clubbing after hours at the 11er club tuesday - sunday at 11 p.m.
munich: its more than just beer. yeah, well, that may be the case but who am i kidding. it's about the beer. we visited the hofbrauhaus but did not eat or drink there. that is where the tourists go. we ate and drank at the augustiner. that's where the locals go. that's where you should go. the coaster is celebrating the 525th anniversary of the german beer purity law. i ate lots of wurst und kartoffel und sauerkraut. and a couple of mas. figure out what a mas is yet?