rome 2013

while not exhaustive, these are some highlights from our couple days in rome. some things not photographed were the circus maximus - pretty much just a big hole in the ground now. there's some restoration going on but nothing even close to bringing it back to its state during the good old days of the empire. i've seen models and computer recreations of it. in a word, ridiculous. the grandest entertainment venue ever built. grander than the colosseum. today's so-called stadiums and domed theatre's are chump change in comparison. i think we suffer from a lack of vision in our building these days. or maybe a lack of will. and money. probably all of the above. some day i'll get to posting rome 2012 and kind of round out the collection of my roman photographs. they are much different and together give a pretty broad perspective of all the major things to see.
marc poljak photography rome pantheon 2013
marc poljak photography rome pantheon dome 2013
marc poljak photography rome colosseum 2013
interior of the colosseum.
marc poljak photography rome forum 2013

marc poljak photography rome 2013
marc poljak photography rome santa maria del popolo carvaggio st peter 2013
last night in rome. dinner at the baths of diocletian restaurant. once an ancient roman bath, now pretty much a touristy restaurant. the building itself dates to the 200-300 period. pretty old. great food. great music. fun all around. it's a couple blocks away from termini and the rome opera house. i mean, it's ok, but there are better places to eat in rome. lots of places really check them out. all of them. i dare you