the gardens at western avenue

the gardens at western avenue encompass an ever evolving collection of flowers and plants and fishy friends.

an unknown (forgot to write it down) species of perennial flowering shrub, situated in between the butterfly bushes, peonies, and other low growing flowering shrubbery. honey bees, other larger bumbly bees of ill repute, and the occasional butterfly, moth, and if you're really lucky, mothra, are frequent visitors. the tendril's on the tops of the flowers are great of depositing pollen on the backs of honey bees.
the koi pond at a a super slow thirty second shutter speed produces koi contrails and other weirdness of the ultra-slow. that tone you see there is courtesy of warm gray number 6, my personal favorite.
the moss encrusted, semi-circular 410 lower falls. not many people get to see this natural wonder. getting there requires special permits and offerings.
some different lighting showcases our shrubbery from before.
light on water is a fascination of marc poljak photography. there are elements of the impressionist and abstract expressionist schools at work here. this is a rare color image not often seen in his body of work.
you again. iook, we're very sorry but all the honey bees are gone and we don't know where they've gotten to or why, or how, or who did it. well, we're pretty sure we know the who, but never mind that. you'll just have to fend for yourself and evolve. quickly.
the hostas sprouted a cousin of the leafy sea dragon.
the wildflowers after dark under illumination.
hosta blossom in blue
he looks much more scary at night in black and white.
the koi are getting hungry about this time of day. mr. white, mr. orange, mr. blue, and skeletor are on the prowl.
these guys are getting to be a real pest. they just won't go away.
strange fruit. you knew that was coming, right? well, this is from one of the perennial aquatic plants about the pond. we don't know what they are but they seem to like it here in the gardens. they don't get along well with the lily of the valley, creeping jenny, dead nettle, creeping phlox, sedum, stonecrop, irish moss, scotch moss, hostas, and the towering, flowering cherry she dwells beneath. some flowers were just born angry.
bumbly bee breakfast in black and white.