venice 2013

this was my first time visiting venice. i didn't think i would like it as much as i did. i could not live there but i could definitely visit over and over for short periods of time. i'm pretty sure we'll go back. there was so much we did not get to see. in two days, you kind of have to be selective in your activities otherwise you'll make yourself crazy. here are some highlights of venice 2013, from none other than marc poljak photography.

somewhere along the grand canal, shot from a speeding vaporetto
a mask made in heaven. ok. that's pretty lame. what's not lame are the masks themselves and the process to make them. pick yourself up a favorite for your next masked ball.
piazza san marco to the right. canal scenes to the left. it's a colorful city.
venice side street. our hotel sign. a delightful slice of tiramisu. and the infamous tube of crik crok. think pringles but slightly off. these were paprika flavored. i thought they were pretty tasty. you can't get them here. i've even tried to get them via mail order but no luck yet.