new work

this page is devoted to new ideas and new experiments from marc poljak photography. things to try and things to give up on. this section will rotate frequently with the seedy underside of experimentation of new work laid bare for all to see. here are some ideas that are brewing:

the gardens at western avenue
see what's bluming

surface tension
more watery images of questionable subject matter and intent

old stumpy

while resetting the flower beds in the front of the house the other day, i dug up a gnarled old stump, most likely the remains of a long forgotten shrub. i've given him the name of old stumpy. right now, i'm simply observing him, in different kinds of light and at different angles until his authenticity reveals itself to me.  i've no idea how long that may take. there are no formulas for inspiration. it happens in its own good time. just be patient with old stumpy. and me. we are worth it.

improvisational stew

food photography is  a great interest of mine. this series is going to be an improvisational essay on my culinary improvisations. lighting will be natural. that is to say, using old mr. sun and a few low tech modifiers to soften his rays when necessary.

monsters under the mattress

i'm trying to revive an old idea that went nowhere a few year's back. this is a little collection of the things that we prefer to keep under wraps.

europe 2013
stay tuned this fall for new adventures from paris, munich, switzerland's lauterbrunnen valley(where i will confront the eiger).